Not sure what to do at KpopKafe? This guide will help you navigate your way around our website


Fancafes are made of many groups of fans who share different interest in various areas of K-pop! Ranging from group specific fanclubs (BTS, Blackpink, Red Velvet etc) to interest specific fanclubs (fancams, kpop merchandise making), KpopKafe has many interests groups in store for you to keep up with! At any point in time, you can click on “Join Group” to be a part of our various fancafe and discuss about all things K-Pop!

Alternatively, if you’ve got an interest group in mind but have yet to find a suitable fancafe to join, you can always create your own! But bear in mind that creating your own fancafe would automatically make you the fan café manager of your own cafe, so you will bear the responsibility of keeping the group active and growing!


The activity stream works like a typical Facebook Newsfeed. You can share your status, favorite pictures, links of your favorite videos, and even create a poll. However, since our website is quite small at the moment, our admins have made it such that every member can view and comment on each other’s post, even without having to be friends.

But of course, we hope you’ll befriend and also message each other!


How to earn Koins is a question frequently asked by many Kafe-goers.

+ 2 points – A Kpopper reacted to your post

+ 5 points – Send or reply a direct message/chat with a fellow K-popper

+ 10 points – Post a status onto the KpopKafe stream

+ 20 points – Create your own fancafe group (Please ensure that it meets our requirements)

+ 50 points – Publish a blog post about K-pop!

Koins can be redeemed for badges, which can in turn be displayed on your user profiles! Read on to find out more about badges!


Currently we have badges on KpopKafe for Kafe goers to purchase. These badges can be displayed on all our user profiles, to enable fans to showcase their personalities and various biases!

If you have a badge request and would like to add it into our badge shop, please feel free to contact our site admins, @katara and @kpopinsg to let us know!


In the shop tab, you can shop at KpopKart (our sister website!) and hover over the images to be redirectly to the products there directly, or you can redeem badges and koins on KpopKafe.


At KpopKafe, we love blogs! You can blog about anything related to our KpopKafe community, such as self-help posts (teaching fellow fans how to do things, such as making K-pop journals, drawing K-pop fanart, mixing K-pop edm music and more!)

We have a suggestion thread of what might make interesting blogs for K-pop fans to read, so if you’re looking for inspiration, you can surely find it there!